January 10th: Wines of California, with wine consultant, Harshal Shah
February 14th: Tales from The Vineyard, with wine merchant, Johnny McGurran
March 21st: Bordeaux, with Wine Communicator of the Year, author of 'Inside Bordeaux, Jane Anson
April 18th: (TBC) Morgan Vanderkamer, President Irish Guild of Sommeliers
May 16th: Anthony Sykes, Sotwell Wines
June 13th: Unusual grapes and regions, with Anne McHale, Master of Wine
June 23rd -26th: Wine Weekend Away
June 30th - Annual NIWSI Dinner
July 22nd -30th: Belfast Whiskey Week
August 12th - Summer Cocktail Event
September 2nd - 10th: Wine Study Tour of Germany
September 26th- Wines of South Africa
October 17th - Wines of North Iberia
November 14th - Brandy
December 12th (tbc) Christmas Special
January 9th 2024 - Wines of South Africa, with Jean Smullen

Non-members please contact niwsisecretary@yahoo.co.uk if you'd like to attend any upcoming events.

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