10 Oct

Travel to Germany by coach or air to arrive Saturday, September 2nd, 2023 Winningen, Mosel. Hotel Moselblick (3 night stay)
Wine tasting and dinner.
September 3rd: Wine visits in the Ahr, including Dagernova Wine Growers Co-operative in Dernau. Lunch at Landhotel Ewerts, Insul.
September 4th: Wine visits in Mosel. 

September 5th, coach to Nägler's Hotel, Oestrich Winkel (2 night stay)
Wine visits in Rheingau and Rheinhessen. Dinners in nearby restaurants of your choice. 

September 7th, coach to Hotel Ritter Von Böhl, Deidesheim (3 night stay)
Wine visits in Pfalz and Nahe.

Our trip will also include a travel interlude on the Rhine and lunch at the magnificent Burg Reichenstein.

24 is the maximum number for the tour. If you are interested, please tell our secretary, Lisa Wilson (niwsisecretary@yahoo.co.uk) as soon as possible.
Final costing will be published when members, by majority decision, choose either travel by coach from Northern Ireland (Belfast/Cairnryan & Hull/Zeebrugge) or by air to Frankfurt. 

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